Thursday, 28 April 2011

Measurements of the flats

Final measurements

To allow the bookcase fit better within the "Death Room" as a group we decided that we will build a 4ft Alcove into the wall, for small double doors as the entrance to the room and for the room to moved from the left side of the Drawing Room to the right side.

Adapting Both Rooms, Size and Layout

After the group tutorial we decided to change the room sizes and the layout of some pieces of furniture. As some of the furniture no longer fitted well within the death room the comfy chair was removed to gain space. The drawing room changed from 12"x12" to 16"x16" and even though the measurements of the "Death Room" did not change the position of the room has went from landscape to portrait.

Changes to Drawing Room

To make furniture fit better into the room some changes in the sizes were changed. The stove will be made smaller, the Love seat to be made thinner and the table design had to be changed to allow it to fit alongside the sofa.

changing of the floor plan

In the "Death Room" the bookshelf, door, desk and windows have moved within the room. The size of the room has also changed, originally 12x1o changed to 12x8. For the "Drawing Room" has got larger, originally 12x10 changed into a box room of 12x12.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

AutoCad design

As newly introduced to AutoCad I found designing the table in AutoCad quite difficult however this is the basic design for the small table. With the final design completed I then added all the measurements.

Idea's and Designs from the beginning of the project

Earlier room design

This was my first idea of the "Death Room" when following one of the first floor plans for the set. For this design I based it on "Floor Plan 3" which was then later further developed.