Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Research on folklore, superstition and sybmols.

Researching into Folklore I found a recurring character which in their culture is similar to our version of the Grim Reaper, she is called "Baba Yaga", "Baba Yaga Kastianaya Noga" or sometimes called "Baba Yaga Boney Legs" as she has a fierce appetite but has a skeleton thin body. Baba Yaga is a formidable witch with a long nose and iron teeth, she is said to be the goddess of wisdom and death, the bone mother and a nature spirit bringing death of ego and through death is rebirth. People say she is to be the guardian spirit of the fountain of the waters of Life and Death.

Russian views on "Good and Bad Death"
A person who has been considered to have a good death is someone who has died at the right time chosen by God, for expample: A person simply dying from old age, it is peaceful and good.
For a person to be considered to have a bad death is for someone who has died before the time God intended for them, a person whos life has been cut short either by being a victim of murder or who has taken their own life.
  • Birds- especially if they land or taps on your window as a bad omen and often seen as a representation of death.
  • certain animals or other symbols were carved into gravestones that represented death.

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