Saturday, 21 May 2011

Adding the Gold

Before moving onto using the gold paint I went back over any areas if they were slightly uneven or missing.

Once the varnish had fully dried I wanted to add a gold paint over certain sections for the table to achieve a more Baroque appearance. When I wanted to add the gold paint, using masking tape I taped around the edges so when painted they would be sharp and to not allow the paint to bleed or drip onto unwanted areas.

As the paint was quite thick it did not spread as easily as I had hoped this meant painting took a little longer than first expected.

On the legs which lead down to the feet of the table I originally wanted to paint down the four small engraved lines however after putting masking tape on the leg and began to paint I found the paint was too thick even when using a small paint brush. As it made the table look messy and unprofessional I made the decision to not paint down the lines but to change it to painting down the centre of the legs.

Original Idea....

After being Changed....

The gold did not come out as bright as I hoped however as it was the same paint which the rest of the group had been using all the furniture will still fit together.

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