Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The coffee table

Finding a suitable coffee table was difficult to find however during the Easter Holidays I found a table which with some work could be made appropriate. As the table is old it has a lot of general wear and tear which needs to be dealt with.

Improvements and Changes needed:

  • As the table is slightly to high I need to to make the legs underneath the table top to be made smaller.

  • Repare one of the legs which is damaged/broken.

  • As the varninsh on the table it damaged, chipped and stratched I will remove all the paint, varninsh a dirt from the table down to the base so the table can be easily repainted or varnished to give it a new fresh look. Some parts of the legs will be painted with a gold paint to give it a more baroque appearance.

  • To remove the feet of the table to then remove wheels which are attached to the animal paw feet of the table as this would not have occured during the period.

  • Even though the feet are gold as they are old they have lost their colour through a build up of dirt, dust and general wear and tear so need to be cleaning and buffering to bring out the true goldness underneath

Overall look of the coffee table before any work has been done.

Damaged/ Broken table leg. This photograph also shows the gold animal paw foot with the wheel which will be removed.

This photograph shows the damage on the paint/varnish work which will be removed, as well as the paint and varnish from the leggs.

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