Thursday, 26 May 2011

Fixing The Broken Baroque Picture Frame

For one of the Baroque frames which was broken, Abbie and I worked together to fit it so it could then be used as a photo frame for the set. The frame had been broken in half with opposite corners snapped. The backing of the frame (the card which would have held the photo in place) was missing. Whilst I held the frame together Abbie took measurements which she then went and cut the back out from ply wood. As Abbie was away cutting the back out I was left with the broken frame, where both corners had become disjointed bent nails were visable and sticking out of the frame.

Using pliers and from some of the other nails a hammer I removed all the evident nails. From pulling the first nail out I noticed that the nails had gone rusty so in doing so when removing them I was very aware and carefull not scratch or cut myself with the rusty nails.


Before putting the corners together using a hand held electric sander, I sanded down each side of where it had broken as there was dried hot glue stuck onto the wood where someone had previously tried to stick the frame together.

To join the corners of the frame together we put "No More Nails" adhesive and pressed the corners together until the connection was strong enough that we no longer had to hold them together before adding a second form of support. On the corners which were now previously broken we added a small peice of ply wood and nailed them into the frame to keep the corners from coming apart again.

The frame was now ready for a photograph to be printed and inserted into the frame, however once finished and was up on the wall the frame was not able to sit 100% straight and whilst most of the members of the group thought it was not extremely noticeable a number of students strongly disagreed and the frame was removed from the set.

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