Sunday, 15 May 2011

Starting the Table

As the table had to be made lower I decided to take out the nails which held the table-top to the legs together and detached the top of the table. As the table was now in two seperate parts this also made the table easier to sand down later on.


I marked down where I wanted the legs to be cut down to and using a square i drawn a line across, this was to make sure that when i cut the wood it would defianty be in a straight line. Turning the table into a vertical possition, holding onto the table legs I used a panel saw to cut the unnesessary wood. I done the same for both sides.


Once the legs had been cut i began to sand down the table. I firts started that the table top, by using a sharpened chisle I found it made it easier to remove the top layer of old paint, varnish and the built up layers of dirt around the sides and in the edges. I covered the sides of the leather-like material which covers the centre of the table with masking tape so it would not get damaged during the sanding process. For the table top the most challenging and time consuming areas were the sides. (Abbie helped me sand the top of the tabe)

Once the majority of the paint was off I went over the whole top of the table once more but using sandpaper to smooth over the surface and remove any paint or dirt which was still lodged in the harder to reach areas.

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