Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sanding the legs

Once the table-top was fully sanded I moved onto sanding the legs. Like the table top I used a chisel on the four legs down to where the feet had been removed. Using the sharpened corners of the chisel to get the varninsh and dirt out of the four lines which are down each leg.

However the chisel was limited in its use when it came to the centre pole which is between the two ends of the table. For it being round the chisel did not remove enough varnish in one go so I found just using sandpaper in this case was the quicker option. For the rounded, extra decorated areas I folded the sandpaper which allowed it to get into the deeper creases in the wood.

The pole was the most time consuming part of the table as the chisel could not be used, it took a much more time to get varnish and grime out of the deep rounded areas and as the pole was rounded I found myself having to move the table into different positions to get into the creases properly.

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